Last Year's Winners

Cuppers croquet is the annual inter-collegiate croquet competition. It runs throughout the Easter term and comprises five or six rounds of knockout doubles play.

The tournament is sponsored by the Croquet Association, who provides us with a generous prize fund.

The standard of play is relaxed and overall fairly low, so those new to croquet are likely to get a couple of enjoyable games in a friendly yet competitive environment. Last year’s champions, the Hughes Hall team, have since disbanded, so the tournament is wide open!

To enter:

  • Create a team of four players;
  • Nominate a captain;
  • Register your team by filling in the Cuppers Registration Form (contact the Secretary if any problems should arise);
  • Pay the entry fee of £8 per team.


Check out the Croquet page for a beginner’s guide to croquet! It gives a quick overview for those who might never have even picked up a mallet.

For detailed information on the rules and format of the tournament, check the Cuppers Rules page.

Cuppers Draw 2022

  • Matches must be completed by the specified date, and played under the Cuppers Rules listed on the CUACC website.
  • It is the responsibility of the team captains to organise the matches, and to submit the scores either using the submission form or to the Secretary before the deadline.

Follow along with the 2022 Cuppers Tournament bracket, which can be found here.