1. Croquet Rules
    1. All matches will be played to the Laws of Association Croquet, with dispensation made for the size of lawn and type of hoops. Any local rules dealing with special features of the lawn (ie drain covers, trees, etc.) must be declared before the start of the game.
  2. Equipment
    1. Visiting teams may bring their own mallets. Standard equipment may be substituted for absent or inferior equipment. Thus approved balls (Laws Part 5.3.1) can be brought and substituted for lightweight or unmarked ones. Hoops should be set to regulation width (⅛ inch wider than the ball).
    2. Cambridge University Association Croquet Club (CUACC) equipment may not be borrowed for Cuppers matches.
  3. Format
    1. Croquet Cuppers takes the form of a knock-out competition.
    2. Each match will consist of two doubles games that are played level (ie not handicap). Each team member may only play one game per match.
    3. The draw will be filled randomly.
    4. The team named first for each match is the home team and must provide a venue for the match.
    5. CUACC will try to provide a neutral venue for the final, and will provide an experienced club member to referee. Should no arrangements be made, the matches will continue as with Rule 3.4.
  4. Entries
    1. An entry consists of 4 team members with one clearly nominated as team captain.
    2. Entries should be made via e-mail to the Cuppers Secretary.
    3. Entry fees should be paid by the publicised deadline.
    4. The Cuppers Secretary has the right to refuse any entry that is incomplete, or made after the publicised deadline.
    5. Colleges may enter as many teams as they wish.
  5. Deadlines
    1. Deadlines for entry and round completion will be posted on the cuppers webpage. The deadlines are considered to be midnight, at the end of the stated day.
  6. Arranging matches
    1. Arranging matches is the responsibility of both teams involved.
    2. Matches that fail to be played, or whose results fail to reach the Cuppers Secretary by the deadline, will be decided on the toss of a coin. Either team may claim the match if they can demonstrate to the Cuppers Secretary that they have made reasonable efforts to arrange the match before the deadline. Games must be played by the deadline notwithstanding that the strongest team cannot be raised within the allowed time slot.
    3. The winning side is responsible for notifying the Cuppers Secretary of the outcome of the match such that it is received before the deadline for results.
  7. Eligibilty
    1. All team members should also be members of the university, but special dispensation can be made for non-university members to take part, please contact the Cuppers Secretary.
    2. College teams must have at least one member of team currently at that college, though they need not be a student.
    3. Teams may be formed representing faculties, departments, societies, sports clubs or any other affiliations.
    4. Any person may only play for one team in the competition.
    5. Disputes concerning eligibility are ruled on by the Cuppers Secretary.
  8. Substitutions
    1. Any person who is eligible and has not played for another team, may join a team and play for that team.
    2. The team captain is responsible for making the Cuppers Secretary aware of the name of the intended substitute before the relevant game takes place.
  9. Time limits
    1. Teams may practice for 5 minutes before the game.
    2. Games may be played to a time limit, if both captains agree. If one game is played to a time limit then the other game must also be played to the same time limit. Recommended reasonable time limits are between 2 and 3½ hours. If no agreement can be reached, there will be no time limit.
    3. If the final is refereed in accordance with Rule 3.5, it will be played to a time limit set by the appointed referee, which will be not less than 2 hours. If no referee is present, then Rule 9.2 applies.
  10. The Winner
    1. The winner of the match is the team that wins both games, or in the event of each side winning one game, the side that has made the most hoop and peg points overall.
    2. In the event of a draw, unfinished games will be played until one of the sides scores a point, that side becoming the winner. For finished games a play-off or a mutually agreed contest takes place.
  11. Matters of Dispute
    1. Any matters of dispute can be referred to the Cuppers Secretary for clarification or arbitration. If the Cuppers Secretary has a link to any party affected by the dispute they must refer the matter to the CUACC President.
    2. The Cuppers Secretary’s decision (or, if the Cuppers Secretary is conflicted out, the CUACC President’s decision) is final.
  12. Alterations to the Rules
    1. These rules must be kept up-to-date by the Cuppers Secretary.
    2. Alterations to the rules may only be made by consensus of the Croquet Committee.